It is important to consider the application and the environment in which the product will evolve. This is why some standards show their limits in the constraints and requirements expected by customers.

We must therefore go further in the knowledge and deepening of standards and regulations related to electronic trade, electricity, rotating and static machines ...

This allows to provide a response tailored to customer demand.

Competence AREA

Hot Crimping 

Connection Devices 

Electronics Connector 

IEC 60068 Environmental testing 

IEC 61000 EMC 

High Current  (up to 20 kA)

Hight Voltage (up to 20 kV)

IEC 60034 Rotating Machines 

IEC 60076 Transformer 

Winding wire 


Metrology and Calibration 

Isolation and rotating machine 

Plastics and Insulation 

Plastic and Thermoplastic 


Properties of metals 

Engineering Techniques 

From Copper to Aluminum 

Technical specifications 

EDF specification

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