Appointment in 2020 to attend the demonstration COSDEM.

Type of conductor, insulation system, working frequency, electric fields, operating temperature, types of converters, efficient connector, connection and agglomeration process, ….

….. we offer you complete solutions adapted to growing requirements for your winding design.


Find our demonstration video on you tube

TechnoLitz ®

AMR  will be happy to introduce TechnoLitz at Coiltech in 2020.

Technolitz was created to bring an answer to a very significiant evolutions of conception and use of Litz wires. A detailed analysis of the technological evolutions of the energy conversion (in all industrial fields) has led to this natural partnership of AMR to answer these new challenges.

Our partnership gives us a global view on futur technological options, thanks to a wide covering of very various industrial projects.

Todays constraints will help creating answers and products for tomorrow.

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