The high performance product machines reference as GPE IV, GPE III and iGPE 3 allow all winding wires polymerization types.

The range of polymerization devices allows the bonding process from small few oz copper coils (many hundreds of ohm) to over 100 Kg DC rotors or stators (less than 2 mΩ)

Each machine is customized to the user’s needs for the best result of his winding, for the rate of production, the quality control, all the tests claimed, and the integration in a product line ...

GPE IV are complying with multi-processor computers which provide a great temperature accuracy.

Different interfaces are in use allow easy operating without special training.

Several microprocessors allow interfacing with a product management and a production control system called «GESPROD»


winding bonding production line
Alumiunm Bondable litz wires
winding bonding machine
Thermo-setting winding

The thermo-setting bonding wire (copper but also aluminium) is an enameled wire with a bonding final layer (also called bondcoat).

The thermo-setting bonding wire has the properties of being adhesive with heating and it is possible to obtain rigid components ( with high resoftening temperatures) likes those obtain by standard impregnation ...

The thermo-setting wire allows the same characteristics like those obtained by impregnation, but the design of products, the process of industrialization and the new approach to the job need to be different.

Overcoat and bond coat corresponding to the specific B of over-thickness

Base coat insulation corresponding to grade 1 or Grade 2

Heat-bonding cross section

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