Located in Saint just (FRANCE) over 35 years AMR Electronique develops and manufactures new production processes for winding trades. Our expertise which has steadily developed allows us to accompany our customers in areas such as:

- The agglomeration winding wires with polymerization by Joule Effect

- Analysis and qualification of enameled wire (for new product)

- Hot crimping with COSDEM

- Prototyping of specific products manufactured for the imposed constraints

- The qualification and validation of connections

- Bench Test motors

Now present in 5 continents, we give special attention quality tools in both :

- Analysis and qualification means

- Production

- Production management of our equipment

AMR Electronique delivers reliable and sustainable business solutions to our partners in Aeronautics, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Nuclear, Railway ...

A new range of motor test bench from 200 to 1200 Amperes

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