Calculation program for energy and power during a polymerization by Joule Effect.

The rise in temperature is very rapid and linear.

The exact temperature of the coils perfectly controlled by measuring the dynamic resistance of copper or aluminium.

The heating rate ( dT/dt ) is linear and controlled to avoid temperature gradients within the winding.

The power consumption is reduce 100 times to a drying process.

Polymerization machines Joule allow more, to control the quality of coils (measuring the resistance of the coils and connectors).

The bonding quality is perfect in every way to the core of the coil.


Automatic calculation software for defining the agglomeration quality factor as a function of the nature of the wire, the diameter, the number of layers of the coil, the shape of the coil, the degree of the wires and the polymerization temperature.

-If the quality factor drops below 2000, the agglomeration does not achieve coils with high mechanical stress.

- Above 4000, the coil can withstand high vibrational stresses ( automotive, high currents, eat…)

- Above 10 000, the winding can be highly stressed, acceleration, centrifugation, etc …

Electrical energy for bonding
Pressure-temperature for bonding

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