Easy to use

The production control uses an interface with the GPE IV operating system.

The device called  AMR allows the control and the production of the GPE IV and also with other micro-computers.

This program called « GESPROD » is special for this application which needs the customization for users.

This program can be interfaced with EXCEL to allow statistical analysis.

Internet Compatibility

This program allows the internet connections for setting, repair or other informations about production.

The affected geometric precision is an order of 0,1 mm according to the type of coil.

This type of process also allows the manufacture of orthocyclic winding.


Endeless possibilities

Combined with a press forming the polymerization by effect joule provides a glimpse of the very complex coil geometry.

Geometric precision


Example of integration

- For large production series

- Quality Controls

    -    Production Controls

    -    Operation of damaged parts

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