. Due to the polymerization by Joule Effect, it’s possible to install more rational lines-product which can be completely automated.

. The needs of impregnation, cleaning or scratching manufactured pieces and tools, needs of drying and oven are suppressed.

. The coils are manufactured with low margins in the measures.

. The use of small molecular weight produce which can deteriorate the components insulation during its life time are suppressed ( Removal of the Volatile Organic Components).

. The automation allows to reduce the rejects, the production is managed in real time.

. The financial costs are reduced by a falling of the work-in-progress and the varnish in stock.

. The first risks are reduced, the insurance premium expenses as well.

. Concern the environnement, it’s possible to use polymerization lines without any problem in the town planning.

. Due to the Joule Effect Bonding, the electric consumption is reduced about 10 to 100, because Joule Effet allows the increase of temperature of the winding wire only and not the iron pieces and also in a very short times (30 s).

. « PLUG AND PLAY » industrialization.

Winding agglomeartion


Mainly oriented to the electric motors, the Joule Effect bonding now comes in the non linear windings, transformers and every type of coils.

With Joules Effect flexibility, mass production as well as small production and can be managed.

Aluminium bonding winding
Thermo-adhesive wires stator
Thermo-adhesive wires motor

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