Enamelled wires test


AMR’s Testing Laboratory allows automatic tests. (digital bench tests).

Tests are driven according to the current norms or to customers specified needs, as well enamel behavior on copper and different bonding tests or dielectrique tests eat…

Standard or not standard tests managed by wires manufacturers have shown their limitations as final customers can obviously notice.

Analysis and test processes must be defined in order to satisfy the different specific customers needs.

Test procedures can be managed with a confidentiality contact with final customers wires manufacturers asking for.


 Find all the test in the book  « Methodology »


The protocol consists of putting five samples at each points of temperature (25°C,55 °C, 105 °C, 155 °C, 180°C, 210°C) and measure each separation point in order to draw a mini values, max and average.

The previously collected values for characterizing a self bonding wire mechanical temperature resistance.

Resisdual bondsing test

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